Karamba3D Masterclass – Design Modelling Symposium

As part of the Design Modelling Symposium 2017 held in Paris, the team lead a masterclass on parametric design strategies. The masterclass was held before the conference, of which the results were presented during the conference proceedings. Image by Design Modelling Symposium

AAC16 – UAK Summer Workshop

Robert Vierlinger was part of the team for the summer workshop Architecture Challenge at the University of Applied Arts. Together with the university and Clever Contour, the students developed a bundling structure of light plastic profiles. Textile surfaces span the linear elements to create unique spatial experiences. Images by Jonathan Paljor & Andrei Gheorghe

‘Machine Vision’ @ UAK

To assist the students with their semester design work, we were asked by Studio Lynn at the University of Applied Arts Vienna to teach a two day workshop in Structural Basics and parametric structural modelling in Karamba.

‘Large Span’ @ UAK

The team recently lead a 3 day workshop for Studio Hani Rashid at the University of Applied Arts. We went through structural engineering basics through to advanced parametric modelling techniques in Karamba and Grasshopper.