nformations is an arts-based research cluster of architects, artists, designers and engineers, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), located at the University of Applied Arts (Vienna). Within the field of generative workflow of contemporary design, a collection of strategies, methods, tools and prototypic models is being developed. The research project focuses on the dissection, reinterpretation and documentation of contemporary digital production practice by means of serial experimentation. An interactive atlas of correlated aesthetics, entities and formulations shall contribute to the growing community of open source design practitioners and makers in the digital chain.

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nformations is a collaborative effort. Here are those who are involved with the project.
Adam Orlinski
Adam Orlinski is Vienna-based an architect and artist. His work and research lies in interdisciplinary digital and analog design strategies and its possible fabrication methodology. Within his works, Adam Orlinski is focusing on the emergent aspect of spatial configurations that organize from systematic performance and transforming processes.
Clemens Preisinger
Clemens is a Vienna-based researcher and engineer. He is developer of the parametric, interactive finite element program ‘Karamba’ for Grasshopper which is used in various contemporary projects. His interests lie in the implementation of technologic developments & computational strategies within the design process of architectural projects.
Moritz Heimrath
Moritz Heimrath is an architect; he lives and works in Vienna. He is specialized in parametric design methods and uses digital tools for evaluation, generative computation and optimization in his daily practice. His research lies on the relationship between computational strategies and aesthetic architectural concepts.
Robert Vierlinger
Robert Vierlinger is a Vienna-based researcher and consultant at the intersection of technology, engineering, art and architecture. He is authoring the evolutionary computation framework ‘octopus’ for Grasshopper, further focuses on digital representation and machine learning in design and art.
Daniela Kröhnert
Daniela Kröhnert is an expert in translating experimental computational methods for digital evaluation, interfaces, parametric design and digital controlled manufacturing. Since 2014 she is leading the advanced prototyping lab at the University of Applied Arts Vienna
Christoph Zimmel
Christoph Zimmel is a researcher and computer scientist with an architectural background, focusing on logic constraint programming. He is supporting developments such as ‘Karamba3d’ or ‘Octopus’ and consultant for various projects in digital architecture, art and design.
Matthew Tam
Matthew Tam is an architect and designer based in Vienna. His work focuses on the interface of interdisciplinary digital, analog design and fabrication techniques. He supports the administration of ‘Karamba’ and consults in web design and development on various projects.
Klaus Bollinger
Klaus Bollinger is head of the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. His interests lie in technologic developments that lead to an advancement of designing strategies and formal vocabulary. Klaus Bollinger is a great supporter for experimental developments in the architectural production and was mentor of several research projects in the field artistic and architectural production.

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